Lots of components, but the most important factor is the main ingredient…


What makes up a song?

The main ingredients are harmony, melody, rhythm, and structure (arrangement).

How important is this?

Imagine handing mediocre ingredients to a world renowned chef -more than likely you will still receive a tasty meal but not the best meal that the chef is capable of delivering. While much attention is put on sonics in the recording process (and rightly so), my experience has been that not enough time is spent on diagnosing song illnesses.

Every song can stand to get a check up. Perhaps a Nip/tuck? An amputation? A transplant?  

Or maybe major reconstructive surgery.....

I am able to provide this sort of insight after having played and heard thousands of songs through my 20 years of experience.

I call it SONG RX

Let me help your music be the best it can be!