Jason Salzman has been a professional musician for the last twenty years. He has been involved with a variety of musical experiences ranging from playing in pits for broadway-style productions to rocking out in front of huge crowds. He also has considerable amount of experience writing, co-writing and recording various styles of music. He has decided to launch Blue Blanket Studios to take his collective experiences and his understanding of sonics and structure to deliver outstanding productions for a growing number of satisfied clients.

Blue Blanket Sound Recording Studio is  a place where creativity is nurtured and songs become something magical to be shared with the masses! With pro level gear, idyllic surroundings, incredible spaces, a guitar, amp and bass collection that needs to be seen to be believed and the musical imagination, production and engineering chops to turn a dream into a reality, Blue Blanket Sound Recording Studio is becoming a destination for artists that need that "X Factor" to bring their music to life.

Oh, and we make damn good coffee!

JASON SALZMAN - owner, producer, engineer, composer, guitarist

BLUE BLANKET SOUND RECORDING STUDIO - fully equipped production facility